Women’s Spiritual Spa Retreat

Come and receive refreshment of spirit, mind and body by surrendering the total self unto God, the source and ground of our being.

Restorative Sleep Workshop

Do you really want to sleep? Our invisible sleep and waking rhythms influence how we feel, what we do, and how we relate to others.

2023 Oasis Days (On-Campus)

1st Tuesdays of the Month. In our 2023 Oasis Days, we will continue our journey with saints and mystics; known and lesser known, historical and modern-day

Opening the Heart (2023)

Our theme for 2023 is Opening the Heart. We’ll explore many aspects of compassion, including compassion for ourselves, others and creation. Themes will include hospitality, forgiveness, healing, courage, hope, wisdom, acceptance, resilience, imperfection and grace.