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Over the years, thousands of people have turned in from Sacramento Street to Mercy Center Auburn. They come for a variety of reasons: retreats, solitude, prayer, liturgy, spiritual direction, meetings, rest and education. Many of those who visit the Center share their own personal journey and experiences with us. We are both humbled and blessed to be a part of their journey - - to provide this sacred place as an interval of stillness and gentle quiet - - a pause in the demands of their daily life.

We are honored to share some of the comments we have received:

My wife recently gifted me with a two day private retreat at Catherine’s Cottage and what a wonderful experience it was! The silence and solitude of Mary Grove, the Garden Oasis Fountain and the chapel gave me a renewal of heart, mind, body and spirit!  I appreciated the freedom to explore the tranquil acres of land surrounding my hermitage and came across deer, turkeys, quail and hawks flying overhead!  The pool provided me with a couple of hours of cool water and plenty of sunshine! The cottage was spacious with a large sitting area, balcony, kitchen, comfortable bed and great shower! Finally, your food was superb with coffee, tea and home-made cookies available at all times! I unfortunately was not able to take advantage of your bookstore, therapeutic massage or labyrinth, but know on my next retreat experience, will surely do so! Thank you so much for your hospitality!

-A  Most Satisfied Mercy Center Retreatant

"As a Deacon, I am required to take annual retreats and this was one of the best I have been on. I found the interweaving of times of prayer, celebrating daily mass, and daily direction allowed for my soul to quiet and go deeper into my relationship with God. To be able to walk the labyrinth, and the outdoor stations of the cross in the beauty of your campus became moments of meaningful reflection. On a practical side, your attention to detail and your response to my needs made me feel as if I was home with friends. Even through I live over 400 miles away it was well worth the trip; you will see me again."

- Deacon Rick Soria, Lomita, CA

"I loved my retreat at Mecy Center! The environment is so beautiful and peaceful, both indoors and outdoors. My spiritual director was very calm and open, which helped be to share my story with her."

- Mary McKay, Los Angeles, CA

"I very much enjoyed my first visit to Mercy Center. The grounds were beautiful, the rooms were very comfortable, and the food was outstanding. I enjoyed praying the Stations of the Cross and spending time in the beautiful chapel. God bless the Mercy Retreat Center."

- Jim O'Brien, Roseville, CA

Attending a retreat at Mercy Center Auburn is better than going back to the home of my childhood. To feel at peace, find time to rest and be safe is the blessing I find here." 

- Lani McManus, Paradise, CA

"This coming Sunday's gospel says that when Jesus is in the desert "angels came and ministered to him." When I heard that, all of you came to mind; you who maintain this sacred place to touch and reinvigorate the holiest part of us: the life of Jesus in each one who enters your doors. Many thanks for the generous hospitality you always extend. It's amazing what God can do with just a few hours in this place." 

- Brent Anderson, Sacramento, CA

"I cannot begin to tell you what these past days have been for me. The beauty, tranquility and peacefulness of all the surroundings at the Center have made a profound impact on my life."

- Patricia Loar, Rancho Cordova, CA

"Thank you so very much for this amazing experience. God continues to meet me and show Himself in an unexpected way. How do you get people to go home? I am literally speechless."  

- Ginger

"Thank you so much for providing such a lovely space for the Placer Collaborative Network Annual Retreat. The event is a highlight of PCN gatherings every year and was very well received, thanks in large part to the beautiful facility at Mercy Center Auburn. We had many compliments on the facility, decorations, and most definitely on the food. Your staff was responsive to our every need. It is always a joy to work with such a well-respected organization."  

- Gail Catlin, Executive Director

"You and all of your staff truly reflect the hospitality of Catherine McAuley. You made all of us feel so at home. Just thinking of all of you makes me want to come back - - - soon!"

- Johanna, Omaha, NE

"Thank you all for providing a wonderful place where God can speak through many things. For the friendly sense of hospitality, beautiful environment, inside and outside, and for the great food served at every meal. May God continue to bless you all for the excellent work you are doing." 

- Milda Avila, Van Nuys, CA

"Thank you all for the many gifts you provide to visitors, retreatants and all those who cross the Center's threshold. May the work and the gifts continue!"

- Laurie Penn & Tony LaBouff, Auburn, CA

"I am writing on behalf of all of us at the Blue Mountain Center of Meditation to express our heartfelt appreciation for your hospitality. We were particularly impressed by the amount of care and attention that your staff put into every detaail of the logistics, from the moving of the carts in the dining hall to the sumptuous and delicious potato bar!" 

- Nalini Ramji, Regional Retreat Manager

"Just to let you know and to thank you profusely for this past weekend. Our retreat was just perfect. We all so appreciated the attention to detail, the environment of sweetness and gentleness, the warmth of hospitality, the refreshment of delicious food, and, as always, availability of staff to take care of any concerns (which there were none, of course). Is there any other sacred space that is so comfortable, private and respectful away from home as Mercy Center? Maybe only the glories of heaven!"
- Marsha Cornelius & Terry Anderson, Mercy Associates

"I want to thank you and the incredible staff of the Mercy Retreat Center for all that they do to make everyone feel welcome. In every way possible they exemplify and live the Mercy mission of love and hospitality. Everyone is made to feel welcome and comfortable, the Center is always shining and clean. The magnificence of the grounds allows one to pray and rejoice in the beauty and peace that surrounds them."
- Rita Capponi, Palm Springs, CA

"Thank you for providing such a peaceful, beautiful, welcoming place for all to be accepted and find themselves. There are few places like this, so this is a very important and necessary ministry." 
 - Marguerite Peltier & Robert Weston