Healthcare Workshops

Healthcare providers are among the most courageous people in our midst. They are teachers of grace who show us how to live in, with and through pain and suffering.

Everyone will be called to be a caregiver and a patient at some stage in life. And the better prepared one is for this reality, the more likely one will have deeply meaningful and life-giving experiences.

The goal of Mercy Center's programs is to create a healthy balance for all who find themselves in the grips of painful circumstances, integrating the art of falling apart as a necessary and healing component of self-care

    • Nurses, Physicians & Chaplains
    • Caregivers
    • Family Members
    • Other

Our presenters are skilled in various fields. Our programs can be scheduled at your place of work or at a retreat/conference center away from your daily routine.

    • Half- or full-day workshops/retreats
    • Weekend or Series of 2 or more days

Take a moment to view our "Falling Apart" Workshop, or we would be happy to custom-design a workshop/retreat to meet your group's needs and objectives.